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How does it work?


Show coupon within Klaimed to cashier upon payment so they can 'Tap to Klaim!' and give you the offer


Done! There are no other steps. No paper work, no barcodes, no hassel, easy!


Easy Login

Keep your undie colour to yourself

We don’t need to know all your ins and outs so we don’t ask for them. All you need to get started with Klaimed is a mobile number. Don’t worry your mobile is ONLY ever used as your unqiue login ID, we will never send you a SMS without your permission.


No Barcodes

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

We don’t think you should complicate the simple things in life so we have gone out of our way to build the most simplest coupon app around [well we think so]. No barcodes, no bookings, no paper work, no hoops to jump through, just ‘Tap to Klaim’ and thats it!


Quality Coupons

Coupons that you will actually use

Some coupons are great... if you're into synchronised kickboxing or all you can eat beauty therapy. In other words, some coupons out there you think you will use but never do. You won’t have that problem with Klaimed, all our coupons are from places you already go to.

Who is Klaimed?

The People’s Coupon App.

“So, apparently this is where we talk about how awesome we are and how life is never going to be the same once you’ve started Klaiming deals. Right… that shouldn’t take long!”

Klaimed is the brainchild of Clement and Luke who, just like yourselves, love coffee and eating out but were fed up with the way the current system of coupons and vouchers worked. So that’s why they’ve introduced Klaimed. A new way of saving on the every day food and drinks you would already buy combined with the ease of your iPhone (don’t worry Android users, your turn will come!).